With these words Alexandros Papadiamandis welcomed, 100 years ago, the opening of the first agricultural cooperation in a village of Karditsa, excited by this small repetitive miracle. He was excited with these unexpected unions of people that traverse the social maps and bring people together, lightening up their faces. Artistic troupes, athletic associations, church parishes, gatherings, societies and groups; in a word: communities. The fundamental units of each society that are connected by solidarity and assumption of personal responsibility.

Each year we welcome dozens of artistic and social activist communities and we try to bring them close in action. We develop the idea of a more active aggregation, the possibility of creating a web consisting of individual cells. We fantasize the utopia of an independent and self-sufficient microcosm free of central authorities.

In Athens Fringe Community, artists come together, interact with each other and create collaborations, while keeping their individual identity and profile at the same time.