Productions: Sinthesis Media Co presents…

Sinthesis has produced numerous performances, such us the “Carnival of the Animals” with Jeremy Irons at the leading part, at Odeon Herodus Atticus, concerts at the Athens Concert Hall, the Lycabettus Theater, Bios, Technopolis, the Delphi Cultural Center etc. Also, the company was responsible to organise the Kavafy year (2003) for the Greek Cultural Olympiad, exhibitions for the Hellenic Foundation for Culture, the Athens Fringe Festival since 2009 and, in total, over a thousand performances (theater, concerts, dance, video, exhibitions) as well as the magazine “demo”.

Sinthesis is working together with young artists and undertakes all aspects of the production, as well as marketing and communication.

Previous Productions:

  • Christmas 2003-2004
  • Carnival of the Animals
  • Cavafy Year
  • Hello India!
  • War at the sky
  • Voices
  • Antigone by Sophocles
  • Ms Elektra Atreidou
  • Goλfω 2.3 beta
  • The Apology project
  • Concert with songs from Koritsa
  • 5 Variete
  • House
  • Two in the night
  • Nocturnal Animals
  • If I die,leave the window open
  • Disgusted
  • The Arab Israeli Cookbook
  • Genocide
  • Photo Finish
  • Rodokanakis Rediscovered 1908-2008
  • Mother Silence, The electronic cabaret
  • Media’s Trilogy by Heiner Muller