“Solidarity” social action program is organized by Athens Fringe Network and Vryssaki. Initially, the program aims to offer courses on a weekly basis by volunteer teachers. Courses of several subjects are offered to the participants in order to gain valuable skills. It is also worth mentioning that through the courses members of the community come close and learn to offer to each other.

“Solidarity” program offers:

·       Professional training and skills attained
·       Strengthens relations and improves everyday life in the community
·       Life opportunities to vulnerable people
·       Both tangible and intangible benefits for everyone

What is the duration of the program?
The program begins every September and end in June. It consists of 3 cycles:
Cycle A: September-December
Cycle B: January-March
Cyrcle C: April-June
What courses can I take?

•   Foreign language courses
•   Art lessons
•   Courses for school and university students
•   Professional Training
•   Courses of general interest

How can I participate as a teacher?

If you feel that you have the necessary experience to teach any of the courses included in “Solidarity” program, contact us here. The courses are taught on a voluntary basis without any financial compensation. However, the teacher can be benefited in alternative ways by the community and there may be an opportunity to teach additional paid seminars.

Where do the courses take place?

Classes take place at Vryssaki, Living Space of Art & Action, 17 Str. Vryssakiou, Plaka. For more information about the space here.

In which ways can I contribute to the community?
The active and aware citizens come together with the support of our network  and Vryssaki in order to express their solidarity to their fellow citizens and to the community. The ways in which one can contribute are:

• Contribution time to the community by teaching, offering services or participation in actions

• Implement projects organized by Synthesis, Athens Fringe Network and Vryssaki

• Ability to propose and organize projects with the support of Synthesis, Athens Fringe Network and Vryssaki