Athens Fringe Live is the open event of the Athens Fringe Network, which aims to present the creative works of the Network members. The well – known from previous organizations Athens Fringe Festival, continues as a “Live” and creates an open platform for new artists to show their work, meet with the public, other artistic and activist communities, to work with agencies, to have an active interaction with the city.


We cross each other in the subway, we drive through Kifisias Avenue in nearby cars, we look at each other through the bus windows. We are looking for a reason to talk to each other and we are glad when we find it, even if it is for swearing each other. We live in the same city. We are the first generation who feels and loves the city like our own. Athens is ours and it is the extension of our living room. We can find our way day and night. The apartments, the pavements, the streets seem beautiful. Reality is beautiful, and it can even be magical.


Athens Fringe Live is a grassroots, participative, multidisciplinary, interactive and international celebration of Art and Action, open to everyone. It’s an ambitious and innovative organization, full of creativity and energy aiming for change and intervention. We believe in the dynamic and creativity of new artists and social activity groups and we are here to provide an open platform to present their ideas, their work and their activity.


Fringe is a social network, similar to facebook, twitter and myspace, with one huge key difference: it is not iconic, it is real. You don’t ”surf” through it, you walk it. You meet real people, artists! It focuses on every creative core of the city, aiming to work as a coherent network between them. It focuses on the information cells, blogs, websites, and portals in order to make them the hosts of its idea and dynamism. Fringe Live is an active field of expression, action and gathering of the Athens Fringe Network.