Industry gives you the opportunity to join a vibrant and active artistic community. Through our online services you can:

  • participate in showcasing events in the presence of representatives of professional organizations and cultural institutions from Greece and abroad
  • promote your artistic profile and work in Greece and abroad
  • be informed about possibilities for presenting your projects in Greece and abroad.

The sum must be greater than the sum of its parts. This is exactly the aim of our network, to multiply the power of our members. By continually interactions between them, guided by professionals, with their exposure to the new trends under the supervision of institutions that are able to promote them, the artists and the active citizens of our community can play a leading role in Industry that they activated.

Network members have privileged access, via  Industry, to information and  to continuous update news for events, performances, conferences, seminars and interesting news about the artistic, cultural and social active fields. In addition, the members of the network can participate in showcasing events with the attendance of professionals from cultural institutions from Greece and abroad. We develop a constant and stable mechanism for informing the members about the possibilities of networking and presenting their work in Greece and abroad. Last but not least, our specialized professionals undertake to promote projects of the members’ work abroad through a network that we constantly update and develop.

Through Agency you can prepare a professional presentation of your work and come into direct contact with sponsors, media, cultural organizations, festivals, and bodies, institutions and embassies and of course the general public. Athens Fringe Agency provides the following services to its members.