«Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.» John Dewey

Vryssaki is the name of a successful, multilayered interdisciplinary venue in the heart of the old city, Plaka that allows for all expression, action, contribution, and intervention in everyday life. Having as central axes the Art and Social action, Vryssaki structures its program around the four sectors below:

  • Events
  • Peaceful Activism
  • Joint action- Synergies
  • Education

In the context of the educational dimension of the venue, we are trying to cultivate and promote social values and  education’s artistic. Vryssaki hosts seminars, educational workshops, lectures, open days, and presentations (book presentation, action of Non-governmental organizations, etc). Also,“Solidarity” social action program is organized by Vryssaki and the community of Athens Fringe Network. The courses take place in our living space which offers a range of learning opportunities.
Have a look at our calendar to find out what’s on Vryssaki.

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